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Automate your agenda,

meeting notes and appointments.

No-pressure efficiency discovery call

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A consultant came to us for an efficiency discovery call. 


We discovered some inefficiencies in his appointment workflows.

We diagnosed his scheduling system a-z. Identified sections to integrate automations. 


Built a road map to outline goals and outcomes.

Now, his clients get a reminder text the day of the meeting. 


All his notes and documents are neatly organized and trigger a notification to access them as he arrives.

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Join the beta program today if you would like to:


-Streamline your agenda. 

-Automate your digital filing system.

-Build stronger client relations.

Book an efficiency discovery and find out how organized you could be!

Speak with someone now:



"Alex was extremely helpful and solved my image messaging problem quickly. I would highly recommend"

—  Kristin, Child-care

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