Party Time / Business Time With the work from home culture, family holiday parties around the corner, and the new better, faster, smarter IOS 14 release you can leverage your party time or business time to new heights. This smooth conversion will free up valuable time and increase financial growth. These automations are the future of your days' operation - enhancing quality of life. With new automation technology. You can trigger automated routines by ⁃ Location: Set your thermostat to go up/down when you get close to home. ⁃ Time: Trigger mood lighting when your alarm goes off in the morning. ⁃ Actions: Install a motion sensor to activate the lights and other gadgets when you walk into a room. ⁃ Occupancy: Automatically trigger actions settings based on who is home or in the office. Let’s start with party time! Apple’s HomeKit is a central hub connecting all your home gadgets to a single device or home network. Of course to utilize all the cool stuff the HomeKit offers, you’ll need to purchase a few other devices and compatible products to turn your home into the next club lounge. You’re planning your party. Phillips Hue is Apple HomeKit compatible. Make your room come to life by setting the mood with light scenes. Automate your smart home vibes by using Siri to control your Hue smart lights or connecting your smart devices to other HomeKit-enabled accessories and other automations to run simultaneously in sequence like using Siri party time. Let’s understand the basics how Siri commands control your home and how voice-activated smart lights on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, Apple TV, or HomePod is a game changer. Some examples are ⁃ "Turn on my office desk light" ⁃ "Dim the game room lights by 25%" ⁃ "Set galaxy in the media room" iDevices Switch This smart switch can turn on your speakers or other gadgets it's connected to, using HomeKit as the remote control. ⁃ "Turn on the projector" ⁃ "Turn on the speakers" ⁃ "Turn on the margarita machine" ⁃ "Turn on disco lights" Smart Thermostat Even the little details such as temperature can often be forgotten when hosting a party. The ecobee3, a smart thermostat, is able to control, monitor and schedule the temperature of your home while also detecting the temperature in various other rooms or trigger with an automation like party time to update to a preset temperature. Schlage Smart Sense Lock No traditional keys are necessary with this smart deadbolt. Homeowners can enter a pin to get inside, or use the connected HomeKit iPhone or iPad to unlock the door, meaning there's no need to run for the door every time the bell rings. As an added bonus, when paired with an Apple TV in your home, you can unlock the deadbolt or check its status while you're away. - Alright! So we’ve covered some cool technology and gadgets that are Apple smart compatible. What is Party Time or business time. The cool thing is that you can set up a workflow or a stream of actions to simultaneously be triggered from one Siri command or even automation by motion sensors, who’s occupying the space, location or time of day. For example, set a Hey, Siri party time command to: ⁃ Play music ⁃ Set family and game room to 69 degrees ⁃ Roll blinds down ⁃ Turn on party light scene ⁃ Turn on outdoor lighting and Unlock the door for your guests to come in. All from one single command. Set a Siri command Business time to trigger: ⁃ Office light on and desk light on ⁃ Office temperature to 69 degrees ⁃ Background music on ⁃ Open blinds. Contact us for more information or a free consultation.