Setup iOS Shortcuts

Activate Simpl. shortcuts Before you can activate 3rd party shortcuts from SiMPL. or anywhere else, you have to run a default shortcut inside the app and then go to settings. Step by Step tutorial below. Run a system’s shortcut test: • Open shortcut app • Click on gallery tab (bottom right) • For this example we’ll use reading mode • Add shortcut • Configure shortcut • Go to my shortcuts tab (bottom left) • Recent added shortcuts will be at the top • Click on the 3 little dot menu button (...) • Click on the play (bottom right) ▶️ • Follow prompt and click ok to give permission • This only needs to be done the first time • Note at the top the title of the shortcut • (Reading mode) • The shortcut will activate • Go back to home page (swipe up from bottom) • Trigger shortcut with hey siri [name of shortcut] • “Hey Siri reading mode • Enjoy! Enable shared shortcuts You can add shortcuts from sources outside the Gallery — from friends, personal backups, websites and more. These shared shortcuts are considered “untrusted”, and to import them you must allow untrusted shortcuts in the settings. NOTICE: Untrusted shortcuts are not malicious or harmful when receiving them from a trusted source. Please do not add shortcuts from sources you do not know. Important: If you want to share a shortcut you’ve created or modified, you’ll also need to allow untrusted shortcuts in the settings. Allow untrusted shortcuts 1. On your iOS or iPadOS device, go to Settings 2.  > Shortcuts. 3. Turn on Allow Untrusted Shortcuts.
Note: If you don’t see the Allow Untrusted Shortcuts setting, you did not complete the first section run a shortcut and then go back to Settings. Discover shortcuts in the Gallery If you’re looking for new shortcuts to add to your collection, or if you want to see what’s possible and how particular shortcuts are built, check out the Gallery. Open and browse the Gallery 1. At the bottom of the main Shortcuts screen, tap Gallery 2. Curated shortcuts appear organized into category rows (Essentials, Morning Routine, Stay Healthy and so on). 3. Tap See All to see all the shortcuts in a category. 4. Swipe a category row sideways to see other shortcuts in a category. 5. Swipe up or down to see more category rows. Tip: To open the Gallery from the Home Screen, touch and hold the Shortcuts app icon then tap Gallery. Add a Gallery shortcut to your collection 1. In the Shortcuts app Gallery 2. , tap a shortcut (a colored rectangle).A description of the shortcut appears, along with a preview of its actions. 3. To add the shortcut to your collection, tap Add Shortcut. 4. If there are additional setup steps for the shortcut, follow the instructions that appear, then tap Done.
The shortcut is added to your shortcuts collection. Search the Gallery You can search for additional shortcuts not shown in the Gallery. • At the top of the Gallery • in the Shortcuts app, tap search • then enter a search term in the search field. Shortcuts that match your search term appear below the field.